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Helping innovate in the development, process control and monitoring as technology nodes shrink and devices become more complex

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Advanced Logic

As logic devices become more complex, with such innovations as finFET, nanosheets and other structures, metrology needs have increased. Our solutions enable the development and production ramp of these devices, including combined HRXRD and XRR measurements for complex 3D epi and AFM measurements of nanosheet shape.

Advanced Power (GaN & SiC)

Bruker HRXRD / XRR systems are the system of choice for the characterization of advanced power systems such as GaN on Si and SiC. They are used in production lines throughout the world for the measurement of film thickness, composition and quality to ensure high yields for Bruker customers.

Advanced Memory

Memory of different varieties is found in all devices, from phones to laptops and high end servers. These range from DRAM, 3D-NAND and more latterly phase change memory (such as XPoint) and MRAM. Bruker uses a range of X-ray systems and techniques to characterize key parameters of films: from thickness, composition through to shape profiles.

Defects & Contamination

Bruker (and previously Bede and Jordan Valley) is pioneering X-ray Diffraction Imaging (XRDI) to identify defects that cause wafer breakage. This has expanded to defects in other substrates which can affect yield. Bruker also provides TXRF systems for the identification of metal contamination on Si and SiC substrates, critical for production line yield.
Displays and Touchpanels

Displays & Touch Panels

Bruker delivers excellent production metrology for touch panel and display manufacture

Electronic Components (RoHS)

Controlling the composition and thickness of integrated circuits and electronic components is a key to increase their reliability and power efficiency. Bruker offers fast and non-destructive analytical solutions to determine the device and its layers composition and thickness, also required when screening for hazardous materials.

Opto LED

Bruker’s elemental analyzers, optical and AFM, and X-ray metrology solutions deliver accurate and repeatable measurements of epi layers, patterned sapphire substrates, and optoelectronic devices. Outfitted with advanced automation capabilities, our equipment provides the critical answers needed for optimal production monitoring and new device development.

RF Devices

RF devices are at the heart of the latest 5G communications devices. Bruker provides X-ray metrology through XRD to characterize the epi films, and also the material phase and compositions used in piezo-electric materials required in BAW / SAW filters.

Semiconductor Research and Development

Bruker's FT-IR instrumentation is used worldwide to characterize and investigate new semiconducting materials. Examples are studies concerning phonon spectroscopy, IR photoluminescence, hetero structures and band gaps.


Bruker’s precision metrology fuels solar research and process control

Wafer Level Packaging

Bruker has a range of systems for wafer level packaging. Composition measurements on individual bumps and thickness of under-bump metals can be realized using micro-XRF.